Air Track is the newest craze! Air Track as part of your workout routine. The need to master your balance and coordination increases the intensity of your workout. Air Track also helps with muscle groups like the core, back, and shoulders. Air Track requires you to use your legs and upper body to propel yourself on a track.

Air Track's benefits are increased cardiovascular fitness, toning, and muscle building. Because of its intense exercise, Air Track can be performed in areas without much room or safety. You don't have to go to the gym or parkour classes. You can perform Air Track in your home, at a resort, or on a patio. Air track for sale is available not only for workout purposes but for fun, too.

A few of my favourite areas are stairs and curbs because they work out your core and leg muscles. One great way I have seen people incorporate Air Track is by using their stairs at home as an air track.

Many DIY ideas online show you how to make an Air Track Stair set. Other people's ideas include using wood beams and placing sandbags to create an elevated area.

Exercises you can perform on your air track

  1. Jump Around! 

The most obvious activity is simply jumping around on it! What I love about this is that you can jump by yourself or with your friends. It is great exercise, especially if you haven't been outside in a while, since it gets you moving and burning calories.

The best part? It's tons of fun! Air Track safety is a must! Make sure you are following all safety precautions when performing Air Track. It is suggested to hold onto the air track until you have mastered the skills of balancing yourself and beginning to use your legs to propel yourself along the Air Track.

2. Handstands

Since the Air Track is under you, hanging upside down and looking at the ground is natural. Handstands are a great way to build strength and control over your entire body. They will build strength in your shoulders, back, and core. Handstands are a dangerous position to hold at first, but with time you can hold one for a long period.

3. Push-up plank variation

Push-ups on Air Track are the ultimate core workout! You can add variations for the different levels of fitness that you are at. These push-up planks will work your upper body and core muscles. Try push-up planks on Air Track as an intense at-home workout!

4. Cartwheel

Doing cartwheels on Air Track is a great way to increase your heart rate and rev your metabolism. Cartwheels will also build core strength since you change directions when landing on the Air Track. Cartwheel variations are endless, so get creative!

5. Plank variation

Air Track is great for hanging out in the plank position. To work out core muscles, you can vector your hands and feet in different patterns. Plank on Air Track is great for going home as a workout. Like push-ups, planks work most of the same muscles at different angles. Just like push-ups, planks help strengthen your core and legs. Also, plank variations will work your entire body while you are upside down.

6. Stretching or yoga

Stretching is an excellent way to warm your body and muscles before you start working out. Yoga is a great way to bring your entire body together and balance out all the muscles in your body. Stretching will help reduce the pain and soreness you may get from intense workouts like air track.

7. Burpees

Burpees are an awesome exercise! They work out all major muscle groups while increasing heart rate, burning calories, and strengthening bones. Burpees are my favourite exercise because they can be adapted to each fitness level.

8. Back extension roll-ups

Back extension roll-ups are a great way to work out your back, core, and chest muscles. By rolling back and forth, you are strengthening those muscles. One great variation is to do back extension roll-ups on Air Track with resistance bands!

9. Front tuck

Injuries happen, but you don't have to let them stop you from doing what you love. AirTrack is a great way to work out your back while not putting too much pressure on your spine. Front tucks will work out some of the same muscles at different angles. Tuck variations are endless, so get creative!

10. Strength training

Air Track is an awesome way to work out your body! It helps you to build strength and confidence in new movements that might be challenging for you at first. With Air Track, you will be able to build muscle and tone in areas you previously could not. 

11. Aerial

AirTrack is a great way to practise aerial photography. Aerial is an awesome sport that combines acrobatics or gymnastics with dance. Building strength and mastering your coordination can also be achieved through aerial exercise. No experience is necessary, just an open mind and a desire to move!

12. Sliding

Sliding on Air Track is so much fun! The ground slows you down and gives you something to push off of when doing slides. The easier you can make slides, the more intense they will become. Slides are particularly good for working out your hip flexors and glutes.

13. Back tuck

Back tucks work out your core, glutes, and legs while strengthening your back at the same time. One variation that I like is to do a back tuck with resistance bands. Back tucks are a great way to tone muscles without doing situps or crunches. Air track relaxes the areas of your body that sit. Therefore, Air Track helps reduce lower back pain.


Air Track is a fun and safe way to exercise at home. Don't let your air track do anything you don't want it to, and use safety precautions when operating your track. Let all your friends and family know about the benefits of Air Track so everyone can get fit at home!